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Rescued: Hannah & Harley’s Story

Photographers are often storytellers.  I want to share a story about love lost, and love found. 

A horse who needed someone to rescue her and a little girl who was determined to find her.   

Hannah, had a thoroughbred gelding named Harley who passed away in April. He was a rescue horse who found himself in the loving hands of a little girl who adored him. Losing Harley was heartbreaking. Finding a replacement for Harley, it turns out, was a real challenge. Hannah and her mother went on a horse hunt all over San Diego County.  Hannah wanted another thoroughbred. She was very particular about color, no lighter shades for her- preferably a bay.  She wanted one named Harley. It was a tall order!

Perseverance paid off. And paid off in a big way. What are the odds Hannah would run across another Harley? As fate may have it,  her new horse is also named Harley. Harley is a 14 year old thoroughbred mare who needed Hannah’s love as much as she needed hers. She is a very gentle mare, who has amazing racing bloodlines. Harley is already very bonded with her Hannah, following her around like her shadow. With the same amount of love she gave her first horse, I know that Harley is going to recover from her injury and will fill out in no time at all. She is really one big teddy bear of a mare and is really very pretty.

I am so happy for Hannah.  And I’m happy for Harley too. She is going to be an incredible horse.
She was rescued. She is safe. She is loved.

I was given the opportunity to photograph Harley’s very first day home with Hannah. You can tell these two have something special.






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